Fans young and old alike were absolutely ecstatic as Bamboo took the stage for the Gig for Giving Benefit Show. Through the piercing fan girl screams and the chanting of the lyrics to all the songs, the crowd was enjoying every minute of it. Before Bamboo belted on stage, he graced some of his avid fans with a meet and greet after the sound check. The fans couldn’t have been happier and they even surprised their “Sir B” with a special birthday greeting. As the clock stroked 7, the lights were dimmed, the doors were opened and the fans rushed inside, all eager to get the best seats in the house. Shortly after, Rabid stream opened the show with their own rendition of famous rock/pop songs that had the audience in the mood to rock and roll. another special performer that had the girl’s hearts melting was RJ Dela Fuente. He serenaded the crowd with covers of today’s top love songs and he even got a girl from the crowd and brought her on stage. This earned squeals from a lot of women from all ages. Host Jordan escusa wittily entertained everyone in between the sets with his impression of Transformers Optimus Prime as a highlight. Last of the special guest was Paolo Valenciano who hands down sang with true passion and skill. Armed with his band of awesome musicians they played a number of songs both original and covers that had us in goosebumps.

When the stage went black and the countdown began signaling the start of Bamboo’s set, everyone was eager to see him perform at last. You can feel the energy charging the air. The crowd was on their feet as Bamboo entered with the Philippine All Stars backing him up as he sings Awit ng Kabataan. From there he sang non-stop a total of 15 songs including 2 encores. To say the he interacted with the audience is an understatement. All throughout the concert he stood on chairs, took selfies, sat on the stairs, and received numerous hugs and kisses from the fans. The title as Philippines’ Price of Rock really fits Bamboo and he has the pipes that raised the roof to prove it. As the last chord of the song was played, the crowd went nuts and didn’t even leave their seats until the band was packing up. Last Friday night will surely be a night everyone will remember. It was a gig where the people didn’t only enjoy but helped out on a good cause a well.

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