The Biggest Loser Contestants undergo multiple types of exercises and use a variety of equipment. To spice things up, the contestants are given challenges every few weeks to test how far they have gone and if they can beat their own records.

One of their challenges was the TRX. This type of training turns every exercise into a challenge for the core. It’s effective because it uses two simple things, gravity and their own bodyweight.

They did abs curl, side crunches, mountain climbing and many more combos as a test of their endurance and core strength. The leaders were Dom for the men and Raine for the women challengers. But all of them did an impressive job!

If you want to pump up the plain old push up and your usual routine, try TRX. If the Biggest Losers can do it, so can you! For a total body, fat burning, sweat inducing workout, TRX is your ticket to fitness.

Almost There

The contestants are almost done in their journey to a healthier lifestyle. With just a few weeks left till their final weigh in on January 15, they will undergo the ultimate test, to say no to the holiday feast temptation and to still continue to exercise during their breaks.

But knowing our Phase 2 contestants, I think they’ll be able to resist and stay focused. After all they are the chosen few who made it this far. With the end near, we are looking forward to announcing SATI’s first ever Biggest Loser Winner! More than the prizes, all of the contestants will walk out of this contest as winners. Losing weight and being healthy is a prize on its own. Thank you to everyone who joined and supported the Biggest Loser. Together, we helped write and witness real life success stories.

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