The 2nd Itas School building was by sweat and blood completed for our endearing senior high school students of Zambales aeta community. From small beginnings, the project just gained a momentum of its own. It was made beautifully that is enough to make everyone feel happy and proud of this tangible gift of love.

This event was marked as one of the best experience our Itas Purple warriors have to keep in their lifetime. We were only expecting for a simple turn over ceremony but we were welcomed with a feast. When we arrived, the locals are all lined up in their traditional clothes. Gave us the sincerest greetings just enough to ease the pain of long travel. Every moment was just worth keeping and remembering. The program lasted for a long time but the most vivid memory we cannot forget was the smiling faces everywhere, that even the sun and trees expressed their overflowing joy and celebrated with us.

Itas’s 2nd school is much bigger than what is built in Rizal. It is a 2-classroom structure, full concrete and painted beautifully to make it conductive to our students. What makes it more fulfilling is knowing that we are helping the senior high school students whose needs are higher than the pre-schoolers.  They are more motivated to go to school now and look forward to pursuing college and be good example to their race. They feel that schooling is a good thing and that through humility of asking, generous souls are always around to help.

We know that you care about how effectively our continued efforts is used. That is why we wanted you to have the best feeling through knowing that we come up with worthwhile initiatives.  how you made a difference and how grateful our beneficiaries are. This will not be possible without your support. Employees and management alike. A toss to everyone!!

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