The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was created as a way for businesses to address social and economic issues while working towards fulfilling stakeholder expectations.  The idea is to integrate CSR initiatives within the corporate business model, creating a positive impact to society without affecting long-term profits. But how important is CSR in the corporate world, anyway? If you think about it, companies can and do exist and function well without CSR. Why should any organization bother with CSR, then? For us here at ITAS Global, the answer is simple: Because we want to be frontrunners for change, regardless of how small the impact is.

Being socially responsible and focusing on organizational growth shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.  We take this as a creative opportunity to fundamentally strengthen our business while at the same time contributing to society. Helping others is integral to our mission, it form part of who we are as a company. We believe that in every project done, in every donation given, no matter how big or small, it matters.  We now live at a time when poverty, social, and environmental problems seem constant, and it all seem too overwhelming to address.  But the fact of the matter is we can do something.  Anyone can help, anyone can share. A drop in the ocean is still a drop well-needed.  Through our projects, we have seen how a small amount of aid has the potential to drastically change another person’s life for the better. And we intend to lead the way.

Helping one person is better than not helping anyone at all.  Through CSR, ITAS Global fosters the culture of charity, with the help of our management and the employees. Even small acts of kindness are enough.  We believe that setting a good example has great benefit; by inspiring others, we hope that other organizations and individuals can also step up to the challenge.