10 Life Lessons We Learned from the Daranak Falls Trail Half Marathon

The universe has a sneaky way of reminding us of the things that matter in life. Sometimes inspiration can come from anywhere, even during a half marathon. We all have different reasons why we joined the trail run and most of it was to realize a goal of finishing the race. However, along the way, we realized some valuable life lessons too.

Here are some of important the things we can take away from the Trail Run:

10. Respect Nature

We have Mother Nature to thank for the awesome view and the challenging mountains that we ran.  And in return it is our responsibility to take care of it and promote its protection. We want to discover more routes and to race through more mountains in the future so let’s do our best to leave no trace every time!

9. Follow the markers

In order not to get lost, we must follow the right path and look for the signs that will guide us to the finish line. We should be sharp and have focus during the run to avoid injuries and accidents. Luckily for us, there were only minor ones and everyone went home safe!

8. Always look forward

Running with your head up is a must. This is not just as a proper running technique, but a rule in life too. Look where you are going and stay positive that you can reach your goal!

7. Enjoy the silence

Silence is a privilege. And nothing can be more calming than the silence that the mountains provide. No distractions while running, gives us time to listen to our bodies, to think, and to reflect.

6. The lesser the baggage the better

Less is more – the basic rule in running and in life! Shed the excess baggage – know when and what to let go!

5. There is still good left in the world

Help came from all directions; the volunteers, the organizers, the locals who offered assistance, and even the runners who aided others as well. You all are proof that acts of kindness can be done even without getting anything in return.

4. Turning Runners into Friends

The race started with a bunch of strangers just eager to run and it ended with new friendships and bonds that were made. Sometimes we can find friends in the strangest of places, whether it be at the peak of the mountain or while crossing a river. We are pretty sure most of the runners exchanged numbers and are already friends on Facebook by now!

3. The finish line is big enough for everyone

As the famous quote goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…” It isn’t all about winning, it’s more on the experience and being in it together. As a result, the whole race was filled with encouragement from one another and it’s heartwarming to see runners that started and finished together.

2. Dreams can come true!

We all dream of things we want to accomplish in life. Some find happiness in material gains but for some it is to break away from their comfort zones. Only to find out they are more than what they think they are.  To all those first timers on the trail, newbies in marathon running, and the elites, kudos to all of you for taking the leap!

1. Running for a cause is so worth it!

Being able to run a 10k, 15k or 21k is a great achievement. But it feels even greater when you know it’s for a great cause. Because of everyone who signed up, we have raised funds to help build classrooms for the kids in Talangka Elementary School in Laguna. You helped make their future a little bit brighter!

The Daranak Falls Trail Half Marathon was a success because of everyone’s effort and passion to run and to help out! We were overwhelmed with the support and for that we are very grateful. We hope everyone enjoyed the trails and took home a lot of good memories! As we move on from this race to the next and as go on with our lives, let these 10 lessons guide us through. Just remember to 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and GO!

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