Tidy our Seas

Itas listed for the 29th International Coastal Clean Up. As we joined the largest volunteer effort for the ocean’s health, this is a start to stir environmental consciousness among our employees. As we called out for volunteers, we were delighted to see many employees who expressed their intentions of joining.

As the clean-up day draws near, so, many concerns came to mind; can our employees handle the odor, will the weather be okay, will everything go as planned? But still, we did it anyway. We volunteered with one purpose in mind, to help save the environment by clearing the coastline from garbage so that all of us may enjoy clean and trash free seas.

With matching purple t-shirts, black boots and yellow gloves, we were eager to get down and dirty in the battle field. The faithful day of the cleanup came and it was funny to see the shocked faces of the volunteers when they saw the area they were supposed to clean. Trash was literally everywhere. From dirty diapers, shoes, to UFO’s (Unidentified Floating Objects), name it, we found it. Not to mention we were all under the scorching heat. It was uncomfortable to say the least. But everyone was dedicated. We were all enthusiastic and despite the situation we were able to remove sack and sack of trash from the Freedom Island Coastline.

We also collected data about the types of trash we found which will be used by Ocean Conservancy to further raise awareness, make more projects and policies both locally and internationally. Seeing the difference on how the coast looked like before and after we cleaned it was amazing. Before the cleanup the area literally seemed like it was a garbage dump on the seashore. But after hours of cleaning and buckets of sweat later, it ca pass as a regular beach shore. However, it’s still not advisable for swimming. This drastic change is all thanks to the volunteers and their passion to help out. Hearing them say that they enjoyed the clean-up makes all the hard work and preparation worth it. Our volunteers together with thousands more from other companies, schools, and institution are the driving force behind the accomplishment of the event.

At the end of the day, it’s very fulfilling to see the employees put aside themselves and their comfort all to save mother earth. Realizing that they learned a lot even amidst the situation shows that our employees care, that Itas cares.

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