Have you ever imagined your childhood spent in the hospital? Instead of running around in the playground or having recess with your classmates you’re confined in a bed all day long? The sad reality is there are a handful of kids that stay in the wards for hours, days, and even months to get better.

To help these children have a little escape from their constant battle with their illnesses, the Poker Team together with CSR threw a party for them at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center last March 8, 2016. We had games, mascot and character appearances, and a hearty meal with them. Through the interactions with the young patients, we found out remarkable stories that inspired us. If these kids are strong enough to fight their conditions, we don’t have an excuse not to overcome our own challenges too.

And instead of just the kids having fun, us volunteers went home getting so much more from them. Meeting these extraordinary kids and learning about their life’s struggles and triumphs made a lot of impact to us and had us realize how lucky we are. Beyond the desire to give back through toys and gifts, we want them to know that someone remembers them and is rooting for them.

Want to have your own outreach program too? Chat with us! Fueled by compassion, let us pass on our luck to others by giving back!

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