The goal of the project is to provide free medical check-up, free medicines as prescribed by attending doctors, simple feeding program for the malnourished children and senior citizens, and dental services to children and adults, who’s otherwise spend hard-earned money for these medical services.

Most importantly, our aim is to ensure that quality service is provided in terms of doctors’ presence during the entire time, enough medicines to cover the vast majority of the patients’ population,  to ensure that we handle all patients with care and also to empower the organizers, making them realize that each one’s role is very IMPORTANT.

Everyone involved in organizing this event was happy and contented with the result as it was a success! We owe big thanks to the volunteers ( same volunteers that CSR requested due to their perfect dynamics), and local officers of the community for their hospitality, industriousness and pro-activeness. Without them, we could not have done any of this.

Seeing how grateful the patients are for receiving free medical services is worth all the time, effort and resources spent in organizing the project.  Their sense of gratitude inspires us all to continue our commitment to serve and make a difference. We may not be able to help everyone, but always try to help those we can.

Thank you once again to each and every one who made ITAS Medical Mission a success!!!

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