Community partnership is what makes our charitable initiatives distinct from the rest. It is easier to just give, but it is more fulfilling to enable them to grow from what we give.. But in choosing the right community, we spend time not only to measure their economic status but also in understanding what they need, what their priorities are and what makes them involved.

The IP community of  Sitio Suha, Norzagaray Bulacan is the 3rd Community we adopted because one of their children access a quality education. Just like our 2 adopted communities in Zambales and Rizal, Sitio Suha is rich in culture and beautiful landscape that offer us a special recreation.

We are sponsoring their multi-purpose hall named “THE EARTH HOUSE”. It is a structure that is composed of a combination of concrete and native materials that serves not only an event place but primarily children’s school.

This is another opportunity for us, employees to reach out, share and immerse with a culture that brings us back to our roots. Everything about experience is amazing. You are most welcome to experience it!

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