February 9, 2019 was the first outreach program we organized for this year and we are so lucky to have it started positively with these precious down syndrome children. When we hear about down syndrome, we normally think about a child’s disability or special condition associated with lots of limitations. Little did we know that children with down syndrome are blessed to have an extra 21st chromosome because unlike other disabilities, DS children love to hug, kiss, smile and cuddle that made them so lovable. If given enough support and attention from the very start, they may even have a chance to live a normal life Our adventure in KIDZANIA just brought more important learnings and discoveries to kids and adults alike.

We all had fun and enjoyed the concept of earning money out of adult jobs that they performed such as fire fighting, laundry job, pet grooming, factory job, telegram, acting, etc. Our time was up but everyone begged to extend time. However, KIDZANIA is just sooo loved by children and there were still a lot of them lined up and waiting for their turns. So, we ended up with lunch served in a very conducive dining area and we closed the activity by giving all of them a special loot bag that came from bottom of the heart of a special ITAS donor. We love these kids and we love seeing them once again for another program in the future. Thank you volunteers for the sincere care you extended.

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