May 9, 2019, we left the upscale officers of Makati and headed towards Tondo, Manila – the most densely populated pieces of land in the world. A collection of temporary housing units constructed on a dump site and is known as one of the worst slums in the country.

Many times we attempted to visit Tondo and hold a charity program there but it is really hard for a small charitable unit like our CSR to do it because of the wide range of assistance it may require. Fortunately by the help of a friend, we were able to connect to a small religious group that has a number of targeted beneficiary, just enough to be covered by us.

CSR held a simple charity event with 55 pre-selected children of Basec, Tondo. We gave them 55 bags containing school essentials good enough to make them happy and say that they are ready for school.

Yes it was simple but it was also a moment full of positivity coming from al elemens present. From the innocence of the kids, to the pro-activeness of the adults especially our ITAS volunteers who cheerfully did their part

Goosebumps when we saw Edmond holding the mic and doing the hosting Donna, Gem, John and chilly arrange the stuff and handing them over to the kids who are lined up.  Pola being the camera man and Benny who seemed like a politician playing with the kids. Everything happened out of passion and desire to do a simple and yet noble task.

Now we believed in what the Ms. Universe 2018 Catriona Gray said when she was asked about the most important lessons she learned in her life. That she had worked a lot in the slums of Tondo, where she witnessed how life was difficult for some. She sympathize with some Filipinos living in tough conditions, she said that she would always look for the beauty in it, Indeed, in every difficult situation, the presence of a child is what makes life lighter.

There are so many children needing help and collectively, we can. THANK YOU!