Mommy Joe Placido is the mother of our scholar JV Mae.  She’s just one of the mommies who showed her immeasurable love and support to their special children. What makes her different though is she thinks ahead of the rest and ensures that once the scholarship is over, she can find a way to continue the schooling of JV Mae.

Our Company has provided our P2P mommies a skill training in Physical Therapy/Massage with the help of TESDA and we call this program “The Purple Palm”.  While they have the skill already and the challenge is for them to make it a livelihood ,  only mommy Joe is able  to use it as  a gate pass to regular job.  

She untiringly applied for a job (impossible as  it may seem because of her lack of education) and one day, one application reverted back with a good news.  All she invested on are words that exactly says “I have a certificate of completion in Massage and Therapy at TESDA, Ma’am” then the recruiter accepted her ahead of the others who still needed to complete the training.  Now, she is scheduled to commence work in the “Municipality of Taguig” as masseuse for the eldery and will get her regular salary.

When I spoke to mommy Joe, she has an intention to help the rest of the mommies who underwent the same certification  to get a slot on the said government plantilla.

Most of the Filipinos believe in the saying of “Do Your Best and God Will Do the Rest”, which not only rhyme  nicely, but it means that it gives us a control of our lives – we can determine the outcome of our life if we value the gift we receive and use it for our advantage, and the rest of the positive things will happen.  Givers can only do so much but it is important to use the gift for our lifetime good.  It is also true that “When we plant good seeds, it will bear good fruits.”

Mommy Joe is a reflection of our success too and this inspires us to value and continue what we have been doing in making a difference.


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